What clients say

I saw Ali whilst facing a tough period in my life. During this time, I was able to work through a number of my anxieties and taught some useful coping techniques. Ali helped me enormously and I would thoroughly recommend her services to anyone needing help.


I had been suffering from alcohol addiction for around 6 years and had spent the last 2 years trying to do something about it through one-to-one counselling and group therapy. It had helped to a degree but I was starting to feel quite frustrated as it began to feel like no more than a weekly chat. I was introduced to Ali and have found her to be brilliant, she is very professional but also very charming and so very easy to talk to.
The sessions with Ali have structure to them, her knowledge is vast and her recommendations of audio books have all come together to give me so much knowledge and understanding of alcohol. I view Alcohol in such a different way now that I don't feel like I'm missing out, far from it.  The power of the knowledge I have is what has helped me to challenge and suppress my cravings. Finally, I have actually got somewhere. Thanks Ali.


Ali helped me in my early stages of recovery when I was still in active addiction and trying to stop. She took the time and care to understand me and adapt her techniques to suit what I needed. The work we did together pushed me into the start of my journey to recovery. I’ll always be grateful and thankful to her for this. Would highly recommend.


Ali helped me a great deal in our sessions. Not just in helping me understand my issues but also in arming me with the strategies to manage my symptoms and improve my mental health. Given my baseline of emotional reticence, and the degree to which I was struggling, this really was quite the achievement in my eyes. I would whole heartedly recommend Ali to anyone in need of counselling for their mental health.


We spoke to Ali when our teenage son became a gambling addict. We believe that our son benefited from her therapy sessions and as a family she was there for us when we did not know what to do. Ali is understanding, non-judgemental and professional. We would have no hesitation in recommending Ali.


I met Ali on the Masters in Addiction Psychology and Counselling course. To be honest, it was Ali who helped me through the first two years when I went through some uncertainty! I was always struck by how passionate Ali was about helping people and their families through tough times, she helped me for sure. I found her really easy to confide in, very sensitive and gentle and we stay in touch.
I’m a practising therapist myself now and I’d not hesitate to recommend Ali - absolutely. Very professional, boundaried, knowledgeable yet empathetic, warm and kind all at the same time. A real credit to the counselling profession.